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The hormone replacement therapy must predict the dosage subjectivisation on the basis of the quantities of hormone still produced by the patient. In fact we do not administer a hormone excess in order to avoid a negative feed back that completely blocks the residual glandular function. Moreover, especially in the treatment of female climacteric, we must administer the specific dose for each individual patient to prevent excesses and side effects.

DRUGS nootropics
This term indicates the useful drugs to improve the patient's ability mnesic.
E 'it is shown, that more than the number of neurons counts, for their function, the number of synapses between the various cells. The neosynaptogenesis is stimulated by mental work and is allowed by the fluidity of neuronal membranes.
Phospholipids are responsible for the fluidity of biological membranes and CNS promote neosynaptogenesis that improves interneuronal exchanges. For their characteristic also facilitates the receptor expression and, therefore, the intracellular communication.

The citicoline improves cellular energy functions and synthesis of phospholipids.
The acetylcarnitine is a mimetic of acetylcholine, which is responsible of the reinforcing stimulus mnesic ..
The magnesium competes with calcium ions at the level of the NMDA receptor, regulating the cell excitation and preventing the phosphorylation of the protein structure due to calcium dependent kinase.

The aniracetam stimulates the AMPA ionotropic receptor depolarizing the neuron with sodium ions and activating the LTP.

The active idebenone the synthesis and turnover of serotonin and acetylcholine, as well as protecting the phospholipids lipoperossidativa by the action of oxygen free radicals.

DRUGS erectogenic
Testosterone is essential for the sexual desire, being responsible for brain stimulation that induces sexual fantasies. With the fall of testosterone he falls of desire in both men and women.
Testosterone acts both at the peripheral level sensitizing the receptors of the external genitalia, both at central level by stimulating the sexual fantasies which are the basis of the appearance of desire (libido). When the PADAM is positive is administered percutaneously testosterone.

Loss of erectile capacity can be derived from both organic and psychological problems. The latter are today, particularly increased.
The erection process is based on the blood filling the corpora cavernosa content in the penis. The vasodilating action of prostaglandin dilates the arteries elicine determining a blood hyperflow in the corpora cavernosa with passive erection.
Sildenafil inhibits phosphodiesterase 5 with a consequent increase action of cyclic GMP-permanent and vasodilation which is opposed to venous leakage.

The improvement of the patient's body image induces a personal gratification that is evidenced with a positive psychological stimulus.

The concepts of PNEI confirm that positive psychological stimuli improve the functions of the central nervous system, the endocrine and immune system, improving the patient's overall biological state.