International Centre for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine


The latest medical techniques developed by our scientific group allow you to completely rejuvenate a face .
In fact, today, we can elevate the outer edge of the eyebrow, reduce bags and wrinkles of the lower eyelid, increase the volume of the zygomatic bone, reduce nasogeniene folds, raise the corner of the mouth, reduce mentogeniene folds, improve the tone and the appearance of the neck.
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Other treatments for improvement, biological and aesthetic of the face are:

SKIN biostimulation
It represents an optimization of the treatment of the skin physiology. A specific type III Medical Device is used to increase skin metabolism, improving the aesthetics and prevents aging.

It represents a return of treatment of skin damage. It runs by administering to the carpet face, neck, décolleté and hands of the Medical Device type III containing substances of restitution of cutaneous biological state, the antioxidant action and the chrono and photo aging prevention.

It makes with the Platelet Growth Factors (taken from the patient's blood), these stimulate fibroblasts to regenerate skin tissue. In particular, new collagen reticular form (substance that lose aging) that restores softness and firmness to the skin. And 'it inserted in the Full Face Regeneration.

It is a relaxing treatment of hypotonic skin tissues of the face and body. It performs by administering to the carpet on the areas hypotonic a Medical Device III ° type that stimulates an irritative reaction in the dermis at which follows a fibrosis. The fibrotic tissue, hard and rigid, relaxes hypotonic tissue. The SKIN LIFT can also be performed with the intradermal infiltration of Carbon Dioxide. This gas dissolves into the fabric forming carbonic acid that acidifies the dermis giving the response described above.

It represents treatment toning the facial muscles. As we age muscle tone decreases to decrease acetylcholine. This stems, in its construction, from choline. We can introduce the drug into the muscles of the face that we want more toned. Recently it has also been proposed on certain muscles of the body treatment.

It represents a harmonized treatment of facial volume. Today you can increase the malar or zygomatic bone volume, increase the volume of adipose tissue of the face and ultimately reduce the volumes in excess of activating the cell apoptosis. This process, physiological, leading to the decrease in the number of treated tissue cells by reducing the volumes and provided no inflammation or damage. All this for approximating a face by improving its proportions.

We can complete the aesthetics of the face with the use of:

Erase from mimic wrinkles in the upper third of the face through a block of muscle contraction, for a period of about three months.

They allow you to permanently delete (permanent) or transient (the absorbable) wrinkles and improve volumes and depressions of the face. The resorbable filler (collagen, hyaluronic acid) give an immediate result with an average duration of approximately three months. Finished the effect of the treatment is repeated. Permanent fillers give a visible result after 1 month but still in time. With these, they make subsequent applications with small amounts until the aesthetic result.

Acidic substances are used to remove a surface layer of the skin, smoothing the skin and removing skin blemishes. The mandelic acid allows removes the most superficial layer of the skin (induces a slight redness). Is repeated after a week 3-4 times. Phenol removes one more layer of skin (stained door and exfoliation of the skin for 10 days). It is repeated if necessary.