International Centre for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine

Modern society is characterized by extremely fast pace of life and a constant repetition of examinations and tests, the result of the exasperated competition between us and others.
Obviously we can not validate such a system, but we have great possibilities to change: we must, therefore, accept it.

From this it is clear the need of each person to optimize their performance in order to always be ready and valid in the continuous proposed tests.
In this need, the subject is not useful aid in western medicine and then seeks refuge in the oriental medicines, valid but, at times, exercised in the West by unqualified people.

This search for the Eastern medical world arises approach holistic patient maintained by these branches. The doctor is interested in the patient as a whole, initially skipping the symptom that has brought this to the medical consultation. In addition, the Eastern medical cares, always more to maintain health than to cure the disease.

This approach is what is lacking in modern Western medicine.
In fact, the rapid scientific and technological growth of the Western world has led to the need, from the doctor to keep up to date, to tighten its operational field in an exasperated specialization that led first to the specialization of the branch, then to that organ and finally to that of a single pathology.

It is lost, therefore, the approach of the doctor to the patient's mental and physical together. The latter is no longer a person, but a clinical case depersonalized of all human emotions. Hence the patient expel the physician, seen today, no longer as a reference figure, but as a possible solution of a discomfort.

The Physiological Medicine is part of this cultural vacuum forming a physician that more than interested of pathology is interested of physiology.
Physiology is the study of the various mechanisms that control the functions of our body: a branch of medicine that can not have the exasperate and fast development as the medical pathology and therapy. Our body is the same for thousands of years and the scientific development can just interest in the greater understanding of the rules that govern it and offer the proper performance of the functions of the same.

Then the physiologist md can be updated on the scientific developments of the whole physiology and find the operational schemes to optimize the patient's functions and therefore his being.

This creates a new kind of doctor.
A doctor more than cure the disease, supports the well-being. A doctor who approaches the patient in his psycho-physic entirety analyzing the behavioral errors and hygiene of life-altering physiological systems. A doctor who carries out towards the patient an educator more than a therapist. A doctor who helps every patient to live well, to the best of his ability, allowing, through the optimization of physiology, to ward off the onset of the disease.

The Physiological Medicine becomes, therefore, the health branch with the important social role to improve, not the length of life, but the quality of this.

An important social role because this operation can allow the transformation of a steadily increasing segment of the population: that of the elderly.
The elderly today is seen in the economic society as a weight, like a sick, unfit for the job and therefore not productive as a constant source of expense that burdens, so more and more important, on the economic productivity of the young man, forced to devolve part of his wealth in favor of maintaining the vecchio.Tutto this can and must be transformed.

The Physiological Medicine, through behavioral rehabilitation and optimization of systems of life, allows each of us to reach an advanced age in full possession of his mental and physical abilities and thus not incapable of working and producing, but, in relation to their means, still valid for himself and for others.

The Physiological Medicine was founded by natural evolution of cosmetic medicine. This last several years has shifted its operational focus from the initial imperfections correction to the most important prevention of the appearance of these. In fact, the long aesthetic doctor has noticed that the real problem of the aesthetic solution did not come from its operations but by proper management that the patient was in respect of its body.

An obesity is not defeated by putting the patient on a diet, but re-educating with the optimal diet. The wrinkles disappeared not with the fillers used by the doctor, but by adjusting the exposure of the skin to sunlight. The cellulite does not disappear for mesotherapy treatments, but because the patient activated, with the movement, the circulation of the lower limbs.

Cosmetic medicine is thus a course of preventive medicine and recognizes, in time, its greater operational space in the general aging.

Maurizio Ceccarelli begins to speak of Physiological Medicine in the early 90s trying to bring home to the layman that the aesthetic medicine represented, in fact, not a medicine of the beauty but health medicine. Tile, therefore, the word medicine " the science interested to maintain healthy body ", the physiological name that means " the proper function of organs and apparatuses " necessary to obtain the health of the body.

Do not forget, though, that the physiological comes from greek physis that is, the appearance of the body: this is not to motivate the interventions of restitution and aesthetic correction proper of the physiological medicine, but because a recent science, psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology , tell us that helping a patient to live better with her body image, helps his psychic equilibrium bringing to an optimization functions is nervous, endocrine and immune system of the body.

Maurizio Ceccarelli picks in 1992, the scientific concepts of the physiological medicine in the text General Aging and Aesthetic Medicine .

In 1996, Maurizio Ceccarelli, called as scientific advisor in the Principality of Monte Carlo, compiles the first practical protocol of Physiological Medicine with the elaboration of TIRP ( Treatment Rejuvenation Individual Psycho-Physical ) for the Thermes Marines. The TIRP is recorded by Solau Envelope No. MC0111020996 in the same year.

The scientific consolidation of the Physiological Medicine brings Ceccarelli, in 1998, the foundation of ' AE.PHY.MED.CENTRE ( International Center for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine ) an international scientific group that lobbies for education and research in the field of aesthetic medicine and physiological.

The Center began its operations with an agreement with the CIMS (Interdipartimental Center Social Illnesses) of the University of Rome "La Sapienza"; then proceeds independently expanding the scientific concepts of the physiological medicine in Italy, in Europe and in South America.

After this spread, the Physiological Medicine receives, the social importance of its contents, of the major awards. In 1994, the then Minister of the Family, on. Antonio Guidi, noting the implementation of the contents of the text the possibility of obtaining a segment of the population, the elderly, not as a social load but economically productive group, proposes Maurizio Ceccarelli to the title of Commendatore of the Italian Republic . For the same reasons the text receives the Prize Ignazio Ciaia in 1995. In 2002, finally, Maurizio Ceccarelli received the Silver Medal of the President of the Italian Republic , for scientific merits in the context of the World Congress of Physiological Medicine in Rome.

Following a number of physiological medicine lectures, by Ceccarelli, both in Spain at the University of Madrid Studies, both from the University of Barcelona Studies, Victor Garcia, President of the Spanish Society of Medicine Cosmetics, proposes creation of a quality mark ( Life quality medical centers ) to be given to medical centers that are active in the physiological medicine respecting the clinical protocols derived from TIRP and collected today in the Life quality medical Program .

The trademark is registered dall'AE.PHY.MED.CENTRE for Europe and proposed to the South American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery for South America.

We organize the Life Quality Medical Program and the acquisition of the Life Quality Medical Centers brand Courses in Physiological Medicine Training for learning and the AE.PHY.MED.CENTRE (2002) dedicates the 3rd Adjournment Day, annual meeting training and debate, the Physiological Medicine: cosmetic medicine of the third millennium.

From the above, today the Physiological Medicine is a medical internist who is interested, as well as disease, especially in physiology.

The patient who accesses the Physiological Consultation is visited according to the classic schemes of internal medicine but, once excluded the presence of diseases, is not abandoned: the visit continues with a series of evaluations and measurements necessary to understand the level of function of the various organs and apparatuses. At the end of the visit it expressed a balance on the level of star patient well.

On the basis of these results and an articulated physiological anamnesis are rescheduled the patient's behavior on the plane
  • food,
  • motor,
  • cosmetic,
  • psychological,
  • behavioral,
in addition to implementing the programs
  • return
  • correction
Quality of Life Program, in order to optimize its welfare and allow a better quality of life.

Even today, they access the Physiological Consultation average to expert patients: managers, professionals, entertainers. This is not to say that welfare is the prerogative of a few, but the need to optimize their performances is still felt, and perhaps known to be a target of very careful people to all possible innovations useful for improving one's own person.

Actually the Physiological Medicine is medicine easily accessible for all social classes: it is a medicine of little cost. Without the cost of the medical examination does not foresee expensive treatments but simply a behavioral re-education that has no costs. E 'therefore possible for everyone to face a physiological consultation and follow the doctor's guidelines, optimize their health.

Maurizio Ceccarelli - Director Ae.Phy.Med.Centre