International Centre for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine

Maurizio CeccarelliDirector of the Center for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine Director of the Center for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine Professor of Physiological Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Studies of Barcelona - Spain.

He graduated in Medicine and Biological Sciences, specializing in General Pathology and Cardiovascular Diseases, has been concerned since 1985 Aesthetic Medicine laying the scientific foundation of this branch and formulating, in 1990, the conceptual assumptions of Physiological Medicine, medical branch of optimization of well-being. 
His insights and scientific experiments are:
  1. buffering of drugs in mesotherapy. This allowed the reduction of pain for the patient in the use of this technique and a better clinical response to less diffusion of the drug, to reduce the acid radicals;
  2. the calculation of the dose of medication to be used in mesotherapy. This has allowed the use of physiological concentrations of active principle, useful to the clinical response, with no side effects;
  3. the ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia. Medical Method for the reduction of localized fat, in excess, via the cavitation process activation induced by ultrasound on aqueous solutions.
  4. the oxygen therapy. Medical Method for the reduction of localized fat, in excess, via the oxidation of biological membranes of adipocytes.
  5. the endomodulazione. Optimization of enzymatic reactions that occur in our organism through the use of biological precursors to normalize the concentrations of neurotransmitters, hormones and structural biological components, without any side effects;
  6. the replacement hormone therapy subjectivized. Administration, in cases of shortage, the amount of hormones necessary for the metabolic function, without excess and negative feed back;
  7. cutaneous biostimulation. Optimization of the biological functions of the skin with aesthetic improvement of this and prevention of aging processes;
  8. the rationale of the amino acid treatment. By allowing the use of this technique also for the reduction of localized adiposity.
  9. the life quality medical program. Protocol of physiological medicine effective in preventing the aging general damages allowing each person the opportunity to reach an advanced age in full possession of his physical and psychological capabilities.
  10. The medical facelift. Regenerative Medicine Protocol useful optimization of volumetric facial tissues, developed by Prof. Victor Garcia.
  11. the face sculpture. Aesthetic medicine protocol useful to optimize the volumes of the face, improving the aesthetics of this, developed with Prof. Roberto Tullii.
  12. the fat apoptosis. Aesthetic medicine protocol useful to decrease the volumes of localized fat without inflammation or damage.
She also performed scientific studies of fundamental research:
  • the biological effects of ultrasound
  • the biological effects of oxygen-ozone therapy
  • the biological effects of radiofrequency
  • the biological effects of various types of light sources
  • the biological effects of muscle electrostimulation
  • the biological effects of the introduction into the skin of natural and synthetic fillers
which allowed a more appropriate use of some equipment used in aesthetic medicine. 

Finally, in recent years he was interested in regenerative medicine, with Prof. Victor J. Garcia of the University of Barcelona in Spain, in Italy by importing the regenerative treatment of the skin with Platelet Growth Factors and tuning the stimulation technique Adipose Tissue Stem cells for LIposowing.
His freelance work (in his studio in Rome, Corso Francia 221 - Tel. 06.3295238) plans to physiological medicine and aesthetic treatments.
In particular:
1. For the general aging treatment
  • Life Quality Medical Program (evaluation and treatment protocol that optimizes the physical and mental state of the body by preventing skin aging damage)
2. For the treatment of skin aging
  • Biostimulation with Platelet Growth Factors (allows to rejuvenate the skin by inducing the formation of reticular collagen that restores softness and firmness to the skin)
  • Cutaneous biostimulation (allows to improve the skin's metabolism by optimizing the chemical-physical state of the dermal matrix)
  • Subjective Improve Skin (improves the aesthetics and function of the skin with a combined therapy of different products)
  • Face Sculpture (increase and / or decrease the volumes of the face with the aim to harmonize aesthetically)
  • Skin Lift (allows to stretch the skin nele hypotonic areas of the face or body)
  • Bioregeneration with Fat Adult Stem Cells (allows you to restore volume to facial tissue regenerating hypodermis)
  • Botulinum toxin (allows to eliminate from mimic wrinkles in the upper third of the face)
  • Filler (allow the permanent abolition of the definitive or transitional, the resorbable, wrinkles and depressions of the face)
  • Peeling (allow of eliminating the superficial layer of the skin, smoothing and eliminating skin spots)
  • Lock Photoaging (allows, combining cosmetics and endomodulatori particular, to tan without damage)

3. For the treatment of excess fat
  • Amino acid treatment (d'allows to eliminate the excess fat with a quick diet, based on the assumption of calculated amount of protein and vegetables, deputy to blood insulin and variation of growth hormon)
  • Adipoclasi for Apoptosis (allows to eliminate the excess fat through the infiltration of this with an apoptotic solution. The response can be enhanced with the subsequent induction of cavitation with ultrasound)
  • Oxygen therapy (allows to eliminate the excess fat through the insertion of medical oxygen in the tissue and rupture of adipocytes for lipoperoxidation of the membranes) 


born in Rome on May 24, 1948

Degree in Biological Sciences June 26, 1973 at the Universita 'degli Studi di Roma. 
Degree in Medicine and Surgery awarded June 27, 1983 at the Universita'degli of Rome. 
Specialization in Pathology awarded June 25, 1987 at the Universita 'degli Studi di Roma. 
Diploma in Cardiovascular Diseases awarded in June 1985 at the Medical School Hospital in Rome and the Lazio Region. 
Silver Medal of the President of the Italian Republic for scientific merit in 2002. 
Commander of the Italian Republic since December 1994 for scientific merit. 

Assistant Professor and Head of the Section of Phlebology Aesthetic Medicine nell'ambulatorio at the Surgical Clinic of the University of Siena from the academic year 1988/89 to the academic year 1990/91 
Adjunct Professor at the School of Cosmetology Clinic dermatology University of L'Aquila from the academic year 1991/92 academic year 1995-96. 
Adjunct Professor of Aesthetic Medicine in the graduate course in Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" for the 1996-97 and 1997-98 academic year. 
Adjunct Professor of Aesthetic Medicine and Physiological Medicine at the University of "UAB" Barcelona - Spain - from the academic year 1999-2000 to the present.
Academic year 1991/92 - 1992/93 - 1993/94 - 1994/95. Professor of Aesthetic Medicine at the 4th year of the Advanced Course in Physical Education ISEF Statale of Rome in 1992/93.

org member of the Scientific Committee of the Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery of the University of the Republic of S. Marino University. Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Society of Antiaging Medicine Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in charge since 2000 of the international project sull'Antiageing LIFE QUALITY MEDICAL PROGRAM Scientific Consultant for Antiaging Program Terme Montecarlo Scientific Consultant Antiaging program for the Terme di Saturnia Scientific Consultant for Antiaging program Fonteverde Terme Chairman of Bioregeneration Medicine for the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery.

Since 1985 he has published in scientific journals and conference proceedings over 800 jobs. He published the following scientific texts: M. Ceccarelli: AGING General and Aesthetic Medicine - Bologna 1994 Modulgrafica M. Ceccarelli, V.Varlaro: ultrasonic hydrolipoclasis - Trimograf Cosenza 1996 M. Ceccarelli, V.Varlaro: THE VISIT IN COSMETIC MEDICINE - Trimograf Cosenza 1996 M. Ceccarelli: AGING AND SKIN IN GENERAL MEDICINE BEAUTY - The Muse Rome 1998 95 M. Ceccarelli: The adipose EXCESS AND GENERALLY LOCATED IN COSMETIC MEDICINE - The Muse Rome 1998 95 M. Ceccarelli: THE ILLUSTRATED Aesthetic Medicine - The Muse 95 Roma 2000 M. Ceccarelli: THE MULTIMEDIA Aesthetic Medicine (2 cd-rom) - The Muse 95 Roma 2001.